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At What to Wear....


We focus on making you look your absolute best. We've built our reputation working with successful Women Barristers, Women Executives from Fortune 500 companies, and other high profile image conscience women.  Our expertise is helping them establish and maintain their wardrobes, and ultimately develop a personal style that they can call their very own.


Our work takes us to TV newscasters and reporters throughout the country.  We assist them in updating and polishing their onscreen image with the goal of looking professional, commanding, but still approachable to their viewers.  We have advised presenters, and reporters who's priority has been to gain visibility at their current affiliate or to move into more prominent market. 


What to Wear wants you to have no worries.  Some of our clients need guidance, and some are just simply time poor.


For Women who are to busy to make the decisions, or have other priorities, we help you look significant and exceptional !  No need to take the time out of your busy schedule to make these important decisions.  

You understand the importance of looking top notch at work each day.  That is the first step!  We do the rest.  All you have to do is slip it on!


WtoW has also worked in tandem with Corporate Human Resource Departments, like GE,and Bank One to image counsel young company executives, via workshops and presentations.  We are equiped to help guide your company's future executives and their image as they step up to represent you.








As the Principal of What to Wear, Lisa Capozzi has had a career in fashion and retail. She worked as a Model in NYC with Zoli and Elite Agencies, in Tokyo and Paris with Paris Planning Agency, along with other major reps throughout the world.  Exposure to the best stylists and photographers, and being featured in top Publications throughout the world, including L'Official Paris, More, Elle, Photo, NaNa, Amica, L' Official Tokyo, to name a few, has helped Lisa develop an excellent eye for style and wardrobing.


Lisa held executive positons at major luxury retail companies.  Her careeer has included stints as Vice President of Merchandising for North America at Louis Vuitton and the role of Vice President of Retail at ​Louis Vuitton. Lisa also was a Vice President at Country Road Australia .

She is a well established Merchandising Executive, where her main focus was determining Ready to Wear and Accessory selections for top fashion retailers throughout the US.  


Capozzi attended the Univiersity of California, and the Executive Business Management program at Columbia University.


Along with her small team Lisa understands the need to be practical, professional, yet chic and tasteful in your work environment.  Let her take you on an image expedition.  Your career will benefit greatly. Your colleges will have more respect for you, and you will have more confidence in yourself!







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